Series M540 Digital Telemetry System


  • One to three channels strain gage or thermocouple based transducer measurements
  • 14-bit resolution and digital transmission provides accurate error free data
  • Integrated strain gage driver with excitation and shunt mode for setup and verification of data
  • Medium to short range operation
  • Rugged environmentally sealed housing
  • Powered by battery or induction power


Michigan Scientific Series M540 Digital Telemetry System is designed for transmitting one to three channels of strain or thermocouple based transducer measurements using a very small transmitter package. This system offers 14-bit resolution and a fully differential amplifier for high common mode rejection with anti-aliasing filter prior to digitization. The strain gage driver is configured with its own gain and shunt resistor making system configuration flexible.

The system is designed with RF diversity features and error checking to prevent data loss and corruption due to reflections or shadowed transmissions from the transmitter. Output data is provided as high-level +/-10V analog on a rear connector for direct interface with most data acquisition systems. Analog output options include options for data cutoff frequencies and adjustment of zero offset. Indication of transmitter and receiver status is provided by LED indicators on the receiver’s front panel. Analog output signals can be monitored for quality of transmission, low power conditions, and shunt status at the transmitter.

Typical applications include measurements on rotating equipment and where access by a wired sensor is not possible. The system’s hardened design is intended for operation in hostile environments where vibration, extreme temperatures, high accelerations, and contaminates are present. These features ensure successful data measurements using our newest technology.


Last Modified: Aug 23, 2023 @ 10:45 am