EC-LV Encoder Signal Conditioner


  • In-line signal conditioner
  • Frequency to voltage converter
  • Angular position 0-360°
  • Angular velocity
  • Externally adjustable full-scale RPM and direction


The EC-LV is an encoder signal conditioner, which can be used to convert the digital pulses of the Wheel Pulse Transducer (WPT) or some slip ring assemblies with built in encoders into linear voltages. In addition to the standard encoder outputs (A, B, I, A⊕B), the EC-LV outputs both a voltage proportional to angular velocity and a voltage proportional to the angular position from 0 to 360°. Rotational direction and speed range are externally adjustable via toggle switches. The EC-LV comes with two pre-set speed ranges, and these can be adjusted on special request. This signal conditioner is added in-line with the encoder cable so there is no need for post processing or an additional power supply.


Last Modified: Jul 13, 2021 @ 10:03 am