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ProDAS Photo
Instrumentation quality assemblies designed to be used with strain gage, thermocouple and other rotating sensors.
Signal conditioning equipment such as strain gage differential amplifiers, thermocouple amplifiers, AC and DC power supplies, frequency to voltage encoder electronics, and resolver demodulation electronics.
Fiber-optic systems that transmit electrical signals over fiber-optic cables from sources in high electromagnetic fields or anechoic chambers to monitoring equipment in low field areas.
Telemetry Photo
Wireless sensor telemetry systems provide a means for non-contact signal transmission in harsh conditions. The transmitter's small size and light weight allows measurements in areas with limited space and/or rotating applications.
Transducer  Photo
In addition to offering a standard line of load transducers, Michigan Scientific develops and fabricates a variety of vehicle component transducers that measure vehicle weight, frame twist, drive torques, brake torques, pedal forces, pitman arm forces and tire patch forces on vehicles in the field.
Wheel Instrumentation Package WIP Photo
Integrated wheel torque transducers instrumentation assembly, wheel plate system, PBTI system, etc.


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