SR Series Slip Ring Assembly


  • 10, 20, and 36 circuit slip rings
  • Instrumentation quality rings and brushes
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • Color coded terminals
  • Sealed against dust


Michigan Scientific’s SR Series Slip Ring Assemblies are used for a variety of applications requiring 10, 20, or 36 circuit connections for standard models. The standard models have a 2 inch diameter rotor. These slip rings are designed to mount on the end of a rotating shaft and make electrical connections to strain gages, thermocouples, or other sensors that have been installed on rotating equipment. The slip ring brushes and rings are made of precious metals, which minimizes resistance variation and enables the assemblies to be used for low level instrumentation signals. In addition, a high grade stainless steel case provides protection from dust and other contaminants.

The SR10M model is designed with a convenient, manually operated, brush lifter in order to extend the life of the slip ring assembly. When it is not necessary to make electrical connection through the slip ring, the brushes can be lifted off the rings, while the slip ring continues to rotate, thus reducing the amount of wear.

Connections to the slip ring assemblies are made through color coded solder terminals located on both the slip ring rotor and stator. Permanently lubricated bearings eliminate the need for routine cleaning and maintenance. The circuit options available on these slip ring models make them ideal for use in instrumentation applications where a substantial number of circuit connections are required.


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