Wheel Instrumentation Package (WIP)


  • Weatherproof when used with MSC slip ring
  • Precision bridge excitation of 5 or 10 volts
  • Bridge excitation may be remotely controlled
  • Amplified strain gauge signal is at high-level voltage
  • Thermocouples available in K, J, E and T types
  • TC signals amplified to 10mV/degC
  • Mates most wheel lug patterns


The Wheel Instrumentation Package (WIP) is a combination of Michigan Scientific’s precision strain gage amplifier and two precision thermocouple amplifiers. Michigan Scientific’s WIP is ideal for collecting data in wheel applications and easily mounts to a customer’s wheel using MSC wheel mounting components. The amplifiers are built into a low profile rugged housing that when used with Michigan Scientific slip rings are weatherproof. The WIP enables the assembly to mount to a variety of wheel lug bolt patterns. This configuration greatly improves signal quality because the amplifier is located closer to the sensor, which reduces errors due to long lead wires, connector resistance variations, and electro-magnetic interference.

The built-in strain gauge amplifier provides strain gauge bridge excitation and signal amplification. These amplifiers incorporate a precision low-drift bridge excitation supply, a stable differential amplifier, and a remotely activated shunt calibration resistor for system span verification. The built-in thermocouple amplifier provides cold junction compensation and signal amplification for two thermocouple sensors. All components in the assembly are durable and designed to withstand severe testing environments. This system is typically used for wheel applications; however, it is suitable for other applications in which weatherproof instrumentation is required. The WIP has many configurations to fit a wide variety of testing applications, including non-amplified sensor interfaces.



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