AMP-TC-LIN Linearizing Thermocouple Amplifier


  • Nonlinear thermocouple input signal is converted to linear output voltage
    (ie. 0°C=0 V, 200°C=2 V, etc.)
  • Input signal is amplified to 10 mV per degree Celsius
  • Cold junction compensated
  • Units available in K and J-type
  • Signal bandwidth = 10 Hz
  • Input signals can be grounded or isolated


The Linearizing Thermocouple Amplifier is designed to provide cold junction compensation, amplification, and linearization of thermocouple sensors. These amplifiers may be used in conjunction with Michigan Scientific slip rings. While all Michigan Scientific slip ring assemblies are manufactured with instrumentation quality rings and brushes, greater data accuracy is achieved by locating the thermocouple amplifier on the rotating side of the slip ring. This configuration greatly improves signal quality because the amplifier is located closer to the sensor, which reduces errors due to temperature gradients across dissimilar metals in the slip ring and magnetic interference.

Amplifiers are available for K and J thermocouples. For more channels, more than one amplifier may be used with a single control unit. The amplifiers can be adhered, potted or strapped to many different types of parts. Some Michigan Scientific slip rings are available with the amplifiers built into the rotor.


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