Short S8/X/TC4K Slip Ring Assembly



  • 8 slip ring connections
  • Four thermocouple amplifiers in rotor
  • Thermocouple wires exit rotor
  • Connector on stator
  • Instrumentation quality rings and brushes
  • Sealed, corrosion resistant metal housing
  • Lightweight and compact


The Short S-Series models are available in four to ten circuit slip ring assemblies. Connections are made through thermocouple wires in the rotor and a connector on the stator. The lightweight and compact design of these slip ring assemblies make them ideal for use in applications where limited space is available.

For applications that also require signal amplification, the Short S-Series slip ring assembly can be used with Michigan Scientific’s thermocouple or strain gauge amplifiers. For applications with extremely limited space, Michigan Scientific can manufacture the slip ring assembly to have an amplifier integrated directly into the rotor, not changing the dimensions of the slip ring. This model comes equipped with two AMP-TC2-M1 thermocouple amplifiers in the rotor.


Last Modified: Jan 31, 2024 @ 2:28 pm