Stator Angle Correction Device



  • Eliminates the need for over-the-wheel brackets
  • Eradicates tedious post-processing compensation


  • Compatible with all Michigan Scientific digital-at-the-wheel WFT systems
  • Used with standard amplifier, slip ring assembly, cable, and CT2
  • Adapts to fit many vehicles, from small cars to heavy trucks


  • Prevents steered wheel errors
  • Provides superior accuracy for position reference


Michigan Scientific Corporation is a leading manufacturer of precision testing equipment, including Wheel Force Transducers (WFTs). Always at the forefront of innovation, our slip ring-based Wheel Force Transducers can now be used with the new Stator Angle Corrector (SAC). The SAC device makes Michigan Scientific WFT set-up even quicker and easier. It prevents the need for over-the-wheel brackets on front-steered vehicle wheels while adjusting the real-time rotational angle signal from the wheel. The adjusted rotational angle signal is used in the coordinate transformation to prevent error while the wheels are steered during dynamic testing to provide quick and accurate data.

The SAC mounts to the vehicle fender while the slip ring anti-rotation rod is guided through the SAC. The SAC’s internal high resolution absolute encoder measures the angle of the anti-rotation rod. The SAC’s internal circuit will intercept the WFT’s digital signals from the amplifier and adjust the wheel rotational angle and wheel speed signals with negligible change in total system delay.  


Last Modified: Aug 14, 2018 @ 9:58 am