Model LW25 Wheel Force Transducer



  • 5,600 lb (25 kN) radial load capacity
  • 2,000 lb (8.9 kN) lateral load capacity
  • Measures 3 forces and 3 moments
  • Measures X & Z accelerations
  • Adapts to 8” and larger wheels
  • Low cross axis sensitivity
  • Swappable slip ring or telemetry system for signal transmission


The LW25 Wheel Force Transducer (WFT) is capable of measuring all of the wheel forces and moments on motorcycles, ATVs, and small cars. It can be used on wheels 11” and larger with simple rim adapters and on wheels 8” and larger with a two-piece rim adapter. It provides independent output signals for vertical, lateral, and longitudinal forces as well as camber, steer, and torque moments. The LW25’s robust IP67 design is ideal for the harshest track and off-road measurements as well as non-spinning applications to monitor and control laboratory test rigs. For spinning applications, the LW25 offers the convenience of utilizing an outboard slip ring signal transmission, in-board telemetry signal transmission, or out-board telemetry signal transmission for Motorcycle applications.

When using an outboard slip ring, the amplifier package easily mounts onto the transducer. It amplifies and digitizes the transducer signals before they pass through the slip ring. Michigan Scientific Slip Ring Assemblies are known worldwide for their signal quality and robust design.

The CT2 & CT2-TEL User Interface Box performs real-time coordinate transformation and crosstalk compensation, and provides analog and CAN signal outputs. EtherCAT signal outputs are also available. An embedded webpage allows the user to easily configure the WFT system.

Available for pre-order.



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