Model LW-2T-60K-S & LW-2T-100K-S Heavy Duty Wheel Force Transducer


  • Up to 100,000 lb (445 kN) radial load capacity
  • Up to 80,000 lb-ft (108 kN-m) moment capacity
  • Measures 3 forces and 3 moments
  • Measures X & Z accelerations
  • Monitors combined loads of one or two tires
  • Adapts to 20 inch and larger wheels
  • Adapts to Ø285 mm & Ø335 mm hub bolt patterns
  • Environmentally protected
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Temperature compensated


The LW-2T-60K-S and LW-2T-100K-S Wheel Force Transducers (WFT) are used to measure forces and moments on class 8 trucks and large off-road vehicles. They provide independent output signals for vertical, lateral, and longitudinal forces as well as camber, steer and torque moments. Being completely weatherproof, they are ideal for on-road and off-road measurements in all conditions. Both models can also be used to monitor and control laboratory tests. One WFT measures the combined loads for either a dual wheel set or a single tire configuration.

The matching amplifier package easily mounts onto the transducer. It amplifies and digitizes the transducer signals before they pass through the slip ring. The amplifier package also includes X and Z acceleration outputs and performs remote shunt calibration of the transducer.

The CT2 Transducer Interface Box performs real-time coordinate transformation and cross-talk compensation, and outputs analog, CAN, and Ethernet signals. An embedded web page allows the user to configure the WFT system.



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