SW-SR Steering Wheel Torque and Angle Transducer


  • 100 lb-ft (135 N-m) torque capacity
  • 1,000 lb (4.4 kN) load capacity
  • Measures steering torque and angle
  • Slip ring system
  • Analog outputs
  • Adapts to 13”-15” wheels
  • Low cross axis sensitivity
  • Temperature compensated
  • Mounts to wheel or shaft spline
  • Maintains normal steering functionality*


The SW-SR Steering Wheel Torque Transducer is capable of measuring the steering wheel torque and steering angle on passenger cars and light duty trucks while maintaining all proper function of the steering wheel.

The slip ring package is powered by a Michigan Scientific PS-DC-SW Control Unit and uses an encoder to measure the steer angle along with the torque output from the transducer. A wireless telemetry package is also available. It is battery powered, creating a compact low-profile assembly to measure torque. The vehicle steer sensor can be recorded with an optional CAN bus reader.

High grade stainless steel material and configurable mounting combine to provide quick setup, making it ideal for on-road measurements and laboratory tests.  Temperature compensation of the transducer ensures stable output throughout a wide temperature range.

The SW-SR Steering Wheel Torque Transducer uses the same bolt patterns as common racing steering wheels.

*The airbag should be disabled when using the SW-SR. Also note that the mounting bracket may block some buttons on the steering wheel.


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