Series M320 Programmable Digital Telemetry System

Michigan Scientific Series M320 Programmable Digital Telemetry System is designed to digitally transmit two channels of strain gage or thermocouple based transducer measurements. Typical applications include measurements made on rotating equipment or situations where access by wired sensors is not possible.


  • Accepts two channels of strain gage or thermocouple based measurements
  • Digital wireless link provides accurate error free data transmission
  • Integrated strain gage or thermocouple drivers with differential amplifiers
  • Medium to short range operation
  • Rugged environmentally sealed housing
  • Powered by battery or induction power


The compact design and low weight of the transmitter allows easy integration into areas of limited space and where additional mass is undesirable. The system’s rugged design is intended for operation in hostile environments where vibration, extreme temperatures, high acceleration and contaminates are present.

Coupled with the optional induction power setup, this system is well suited for continuous and uninterrupted measurements in environments not tolerated well by batteries. In setups where batteries are acceptable the low power consumption allows for long test times without the need for frequent battery replacement.

Incorporated within the transmitter are two individual channels each capable of having separate gain, shunt, and signal conditioning filter values. A programmable calibration sequence is initiated on each power-up allowing user verification of system zero and preset shunt values for each channel.

The multi channel receiver provides high-level ±10V BNC outputs for all data channels, each configurable with additional filtering and a zero adjustment for directly interfacing with most data acquisition systems. In addition, the receiver provides the user with indicators on status of received data as well as any low power conditions at the transmitter to ensure successful data measurements. This system has been used for a broad range of measurement applications.


Last Modified: May 26, 2021 @ 1:26 pm