SGA12A-PS Twelve Channel Strain Gage Amplifier Box


  • Contains internal power supply
  • Controls up to four external Michigan Scientific load cells
  • Precision low drift bridge excitation supply 10 Volts
  • Bridge excitation may be remotely turned on and off
  • Precision, low noise, differential amplifier
  • Amplified signal is at high-level voltage (+10 Volts full scale)
  • Immune to external noise sources
  • Remote shunt calibration capability
  • Wide input voltage range


The Michigan Scientific SGA12A-PS Strain Gage Amplifier Box is ideal for use with up to four of MSC’s wide variety of three directional load cells. The SGA12A-PS provides highly accurate excitation voltage to the load cell, a stable differential amplifier, and a remotely activated shunt resistor for system span verification. The result is an accurate high level voltage output signal. The shunt calibration can be easily invoked with the flip of a switch. An internal DC power control unit powers the amplifiers and controls excitation to strain gauge bridges.

MSC will select the appropriate amplifier gain and shunt resistors for use with your selected load cell. The fixed precision resistors are factory installed.

The standard SGA12A-PS is comprised of twelve independent miniature strain gage amplifiers. MSC can customize the amplifier box to any number of channels desired. 


Last Modified: Jul 13, 2021 @ 2:10 pm