Digital Slip Ring | Ethernet and USB Slip Ring

Rise of Ethernet

With the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Power Over Ethernet (PoE), Ethernet signal protocols and network structures are becoming a more valuable asset for test engineers. PoE enabled network switches used in new buildings make powering and communicating with devices easier and more cost effective. There are also many Ethernet and PoE enabled data acquisition (DAQ) systems available on the market. 

PoE enabled DAQ systems reduce the amount of cabling required and eliminate the need for AC power near the test setup. These features are beneficial for spinning applications where space is often limited, and signal transmission can be a challenge.

Ethernet cables, such as Cat6, are resistant to electrical noise and are capable of transmitting high speed signals over long distances. Ethernet cables are a great choice for noisy testing environments. Using a high quality slip ring designed specifically for digital signals ensures the Ethernet cables are being used to their full potential.

Digital Slip Rings

Michigan Scientific Corporation’s new S_/D Series Slip Ring Assemblies are designed for signals and are based on the original S-Series. The S_/D use the same low noise spinning contacts for ultimate signal quality and also utilize twisted pairs through the slip ring assemblies. These twisted pairs are ideal for the high speed differential pairs used in Ethernet and USB signal protocols.  S_/D Series Slip Rings are available with 4, 6, 8, and 10 connections.

Compared to other digital slip rings, Michigan Scientific slip rings can spin at higher speeds and have longer life ratings. Michigan Scientific slip rings have rugged stainless steel housings and maintenance free bearings and are sealed against dust and debris.MG_4155


Slip Ring Configurations

Michigan Scientific Corporation specializes in custom and one-off applications. We can configure a slip ring assembly to meet your specific needs. We can attach cables to the rotor and stator for simplicity, or add connectors for ease of assembly. Michigan Scientific can also help design rotor adapters and stator restraints to fit your application.

We offer four models of Digital Slip Rings to ensure optimized channel counts for different signal types. The S4/D is for 10/100 Base-T Ethernet and USB 2.0. The S8/D is for Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, or PoE applications. The S6/D and S10/D have an extra pair for supplying power to devices that are not PoE compatible. The extra pair can also be used for routing the shield through a slip ring contact to maintain protection in noisy environments. 

For more information about Michigan Scientific’s S_/D Series Slip Ring Assembly, contact a Michigan Scientific representative today