Quality Technician

Michigan Scientific Corporation (MSC) is looking for candidates interested in working at our Charlevoix, MI facility. 

This position will require applicants to ensure quality standards are met for all products made for the aerospace industry within MSC.

Applicants should have a strong aptitude for organization and attention to detail and should possess or be willing to learn skills such as: machine operation, knowledge of ISO9001/AS9100 quality management system standards, and Microsoft Office proficiency.

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Perform and document inspections of items received, in-process product, and completed product to confirm conforming specifications
  • Interpret inspection documentation standards
  • Communicate with manufacturing and engineering about product conformity
  • Use and maintain measurement equipment including calipers, micrometers, coordinate measuring machine (CMM), and others
  • Generate and maintains inspection results of production piece parts and inspection layout files
  • Collaborate with quality engineering staff in performing any PPAP, FAI reports, or gage R&R studies

Desired Skills

  • Microsoft Office basic skills certificate or equivalent prior experience
  • Ability to read and understand engineering drawings
  • Experience using measurement tools including calipers, micrometers, and others
  • CMM experience
  • Ability to implement and maintain organization
  • Ability to problem solve to support the operation and quality departments
  • Ability to independently determine tasks and complete them in a timely manner


  • Competitive wage
  • Paid holidays
  • Profit Sharing Bonus
  • Vacation Time
  • 401K Retirement Plan
  • Optional Disability Insurance
  • Medical Insurance

About Us

Michigan Scientific was incorporated in 1960 and has a team of over 100 engineers, technicians, machinists, and fabricators. We are a leading manufacturer of automotive test equipment and specialize in obtaining measurements from rotating equipment. Our product lines include slip rings, force transducers, signal conditioning electronics, wireless telemetry, fiber-optic systems, and load wheel transducer systems. We also routinely design and manufacture custom force transducers. The company began manufacturing products for the aerospace industry in 2022 and is dedicated to upholding the AS9100 certification standard for those products.

Apply Now

If you are interested in joining the Michigan Scientific team, please fill out an application here.